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"It's easy ... and it works"


No make-over will give the same warm sense of well being that real live plants can deliver.

Your staff, your customers ... in fact, all aspects of your business can benefit from the use of natural indoor plants. There's no need to outlay upfront capital expenditure to achieve this. Our plant hire service is the answer. It provides a complete make-over to the look of your office or showroom ... it's easy, it works and it really is cost effective.

For your staff

There is no doubt that a pleasant working environment greatly increases staff productivity. Apart from the appearance, indoor plants are also a worthwhile health asset.

Scientific research has proved that plants do create a healthy indoor workplace. Workcover, in fact, recommend at least one indoor plant for every 10 sq metres for each staff member. And, overall, a pleasant work environment results in greater job satisfaction, staff retention and pride of workplace.

For you customers

Like you staff, your customers too will appreciate the appearance, atmosphere and general ambience that the use of indoor plants provide. They feel relaxed and generally at ease in these pleasant natural surroundings.

For your business and your bank balance

Indoor plant hire is cost-effective and gives you complete flexibility with no up-front charges. There's no worry about maintenance ... this is all done for you.

Once plants are installed, all maintenance, cleaning, watering and replacement is carried out when required. You, your staff and your customers can relax and enjoy a far more pleasant and healthier work environment.